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Good practice online citizen engagement

18 examples of good practice online citizen engagement

Dr Crispin Butteriss

Dr Crispin Butteriss

Crispin is a founding director of Bang the Table and the Chief Practice Officer.

Eighteen examples of good practice online citizen engagement presentation delivered at the Melbourne gathering of the Engage2Act network.



Slide #1: Cover Image

Slide #2: words: Off-leash beach debate – image: dog running on beach, child crying

Slide #3: words: Home composting dialogue – image: hands filled with fresh compost

Slide #4: words: New parent’s stories – image: new parents with baby

Slide #5: words: disability insurance stories – image: middle aged man and woman with down-syndrome

Slide #6: words: Mapping where do you feel safe – image: woman holding sign “Don’t be silent, speak up”

Slide #7: words: Mapping entrepreneurial innovation – image: kids swinging on a hills hoist

Slide #8: words: Public submissions on climate change – image: Bangladeshi boy wading through chest deep water in his village

Slide #9: words: Public submissions on land use policy – image: Crowd of people holding up “Don’t kill live music” signs

Slide #10: words: Participatory budgeting about Council priorities – image: middle aged man pointing at bad pavement repairs

Slide #11: words: Participatory budgeting about community infrastructure – image: Robin Hood Men in Tights

Slide #12: words: Question & Answer about the sale of historic community assets – image: older man standing on Church steps

Slide #13: words: Question & Answer about coal seam gas – image: older male protester holding “no coal” sign

Slide #14: words: Behavioral change surveys about attitudes to recycling – image: kids holding plastic boxes filled with recyclable material

Slide #15: words: Preference surveys about airport facilities – image: man laying on airport lounge sleeping

Slide #16: words: Day to day complaints handling – image: Mother and children standing on hill overlooking pool and beach

Slide #17: words: Gathering great ideas all day, every day – image: Middle aged woman standing in front front of billboard holding “I want more benches on sidewalks in my neighborhood” card

Slide #18: words: Bringing it all together for the QLD digital economy strategy – image: workman in high visibility vest and hard hat rolling out underground cable

Slide #19: words: Bringing it all together for the NSW arts and culture strategy – image: stuffed dog in wicker basket in front of Sydney Opera House

Slide #20: Thank you – @crispin_btt


Photo Credit: Tom Hart

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Published Date: 13 October 2014 Last modified on August 7, 2017
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