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A New Way to Segment Your Database

Data Matters! A New Way to Segment Your Database

Matthew Crozier

Matthew Crozier

Matthew is a founding director and CEO of Bang the Table.

Building a large and quality database is one of the most important things to do to effectively engage with your community online. By gathering participant data via a consultation sign-up form, you can collect useful information such as demographic data and contact information as well as relevant interests. This data can then be used to better connect with and target different segments of your community on the issues that matter to them most via our newsletter tool. Segment Your Database

The City of Adelaide and City of Belmont provide great examples of how to design a sign-up form in EngagementHQ to gather relevant participant data.

Moving forward, simple segmentation will allow you to get the most out of your database and provide a good overview of participant activity (see below) in order to reach community members more effectively.




Read more about the importance of data on the Bang the Table blog.

28 January 2016
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