Announcing Bang the Table’s Partnership with Konveio

It’s been a big year for us as we work to build our EngagementHQ ecosystem, integrating complementary products and expanding partnerships with some of the best engagement companies in the world. We’re excited to officially welcome Konveio as our newest Bang the Table partner! This partnership with Konveio introduces a new way to engage around official documents such as city plans, reports and PDF communications.

The Konveio software makes interactive publishing, reviewing, and commenting on city documents more social, allowing local governments to elicit feedback, expand on ideas with contextual insights, or add rich media overlays right within the PDF. Combined with the EngagementHQ suite of feedback tools, organizations can now easily incorporate these draft or official documents into their community engagement outreach.

This partnership adds a new level of content engagement to EngagementHQ, providing shared clients with a seamless platform for outreach and empowering residents with an easy way to keep informed while providing input on official documents and city projects.

What we love most about Konveio is the social nature of participation for community and residents. Participants can vote up or down comments and respond to other’s comments to extend on an idea, directly in the PDF document. You can even embed a google street view into your planning document so residents can better visualize your proposed changes within a given location.

Konveio Software Example of Tagging
Example of content engagement on the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan.

You can see how Konveio integrates nicely with EngagementHQ in our demo site. This is the first phase of our complete integration plan as we look to streamline participant data and comment analysis in the future for more robust reporting and better community-driven decision making.

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