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New EngagementHQ Ideation Tool: Brainstormer

Joe Kresling

Joe Kresling

Johannes is Bang the Table's Australian based Client Experience Manager.

We’ve been working hard on our new ideation tool Brainstormer, and we’re now very excited to present this innovative feature to you.

What is Brainstormer?

Brainstormer is an online ideation tool. It joins our existing EngagementHQ toolbox containing Discussion Forums, Surveys & Forms, Q&A, Stories, Mapping, Guest Book and Quick Polls.

Imagine a room filled with people that are plastering the walls with post-it notes full of great ideas. Participants then vote on those ideas by sticking little hearts on their favourites. Now, take this concept into an online space and Brainstormer is the answer.  

Brainstormer is deliberately simple in its design. It is a fantastic tool to get your community involved in a consultation quickly and easily. Participants can post one or many ideas or/and contribute to the discussion by heart-ing [liking] other’s ideas. These micro-contributions are very powerful as they engage site visitors with just one click.

What is ideation?

Ideation is the creative process of generating ideas in any shape or form. Different techniques can be used for ideation and brainstorming is one of the most well-known methods.

How do I use Brainstormer?

Brainstormer is perfect for generating ideas on a wide range of projects, both internally or externally. For example, a park re-design. Involve your community in the planning process and get their input about how to enhance the park. You might want to keep the consultation open, with a general call to action, “share your ideas how to improve our park“, or focussed, “share your ideas about what to do with the public BBQ area“.

How does Brainstormer look?

Take a look at the attractive Brainstormer interface below, which encourages user participation.

Introducing our new tool: Brainstormer

To find out more about Brainstormer and using the EngagementHQ platform please take a look at our demonstration site and contact us to discuss further.

8 July 2015
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