community visioning with EngagementHQ

Community Visioning with EngagementHQ

How to Use EngagementHQ

This Eguide breaks down the entire community visioning process — and how EngagementHQ can help you drastically improve outcomes for local stakeholders.


Deliberative engagement with EngagementHQ

Deliberative Engagement with EngagementHQ

How to Use EngagementHQ

This guide unpacks the often complex task of deliberative engagement and steps on how to run an online deliberative process using EngagementHQ.


Planners in discussion

People in Planning

Considering Consultation Content: Views from the Development Industry

UK consultant specialist and associate of the Consultation Institute, Penny Norton, focusses on the overlooked aspect of a planning consultation: consultation content.


Urban Mobility Ebook

Climate Crisis, Equitable Engagement, Inclusive Cities

Rethinking Urban Mobility

In this ebook, Canadian-based urban scholar Shauna Brail, Ph.D., addresses the grand challenge of serving people’s mobility needs in cities while grappling with climate change impacts.


Value of Digital Community Engagement Ebook

Assessing the Value of Digital Community Engagement

Efficiency, Risk, Cost and Trust

Online community engagement brings more people to the table and provides substantial benefits to organizations.


Covid and Engaging Cities Ebook

Coronavirus and Engaging Cities

Towards Community Recovery

What future lies ahead for cities and communities beyond the coronavirus pandemic?


Woman and man having a discussion with other people

The Patient Leadership Triangle

A Practical Engagement Model For Transforming Healthcare

Can Patient and Public Engagement truly incorporate patient and carers in healthcare decision-making?


Deliberative Dialogue Ebook

Making Deliberative Dialogue Work Online

Deliberative processes facilitate social learning and dialogue, expose participants to new information, and enable higher quality engagement with important public policy – and with each other.


Community Engagement101 Ebook

Community Engagement101

Understand the Impact of Public Consultation

With the rise in deepening public engagement globally, there is a need for answers to straightforward questions.


Community Wellbeing Ebook

Community Well-Being

How Digital Engagement Improves Social, Cultural, Environmental and Economic Outcomes

Our eGuide sets out ways to help you deliver on New Zealand’s new living-standards framework.


Engagement in 2019 Ebook

Climate Chaos, Cannabis, Housing Scarcity and Deliberation

Public Engagement in 2019

Interrogating major global challenges in public engagement in 2019.


21st Century Practitioners Guide Ebook

21st Century Practitioner’s Guide to Community Engagement

An essential resource for twenty-first-century engagement practitioners that shows how to kick start your journey in digital engagement.


Overcoming 7 issues in online engagement

Tips to Overcome Seven Issues in Online Community Engagement

Hosting your community consultations online offers benefits for both the public and city officials, but like most things, it’s not without challenges.


Digital First Ebook

How to Approach Digital-First Community Engagement

Shift your thinking towards delivering a digital-first community engagement program.


50 ways ebook

50 Ways to Promote Your Engagement Project

Great consultations require vision, planning, courage, knowledge, teamwork, and execution. But how do you drive public participation to your site?


Changing City Ebook

Citizen Engagement with the Changing City

How does the future city include all citizens, not just the wealthy elite?


Smart City Ebook

Public Engagement with the Smart City

This e-book explores key issues including data-driven participation, citizen exclusion and resilient smart city planning.


100 Ideas Ebook

100 Ideas To Engage Your Community Online

This booklet is intended as a starting point for people working across a range of sectors; community engagement, public relations, communications and project management.


How to Ask Engaging Questions Ebook

How to ask engaging questions

Writing engaging questions is one of the most important aspects of conducting an effective consultation process.