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Digital Community Engagement Trainer

We’re recruiting! Join Bang the Table as our Digital Community Engagement Trainer – Melbourne

Don Sharples

Don Sharples

Don is the Australian Operations Manager at Bang the Table. He has a background in government-community relations.

Use your excellent training and delivery skills

Become a key part of a close-knit team

Thrive on teaching best practice to many

Bang the Table supplies and supports EngagementHQ across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UK. EngagementHQ is a digital engagement platform, which is used by the public and private sectors. It is widely acknowledged as the most robust online platform for getting communities and stakeholder groups involved in thinking about everything from any aspect of public policy, through physical infrastructure design and delivery, to organisational change and beyond. Our clients are continually astounding us with the ways they use our software.

We are seeking a Digital Community Engagement Trainer with experience in communications, training and stakeholder engagement practice to play a leading role in the future growth of our business. The ideal person would be able to deliver face-to-face and online training of EHQ to our clients, develop various training programs and build relationships with our current clients.

This role has two main areas of responsibility, (1) training design, and (2) course delivery.

As the “training designer,” you will work with our clients and staff to identify specific training needs and develop a range of training products at different price points. Initially, these may be 1/2, one and two-day courses in the general application of EngagementHQ. Later, these could be specialized to focus on particular applications of EngagementHQ, for example, “Online dialogue and EngagementHQ.” These products will be marketed to existing and new EngagementHQ clients via our sales, marketing and CX channels.

As the “lead trainer,” you will travel extensively around Australia and New Zealand to deliver in-house and “in-territory” training to Bang the Table clients. Face-to-face training may involve you working with a single client “super-user”, a small group of “super-admins”, or a larger of group of in-house clients or “project admins”. The training may be very “technology” focused or “strategy” focused depending on the specific needs (skills and knowledge) of the client group. You may be supported in this work by various Bang the Table team members located in-territory.

To succeed in this role you should:

Just ‘get’ community and stakeholder engagement and the value it can offer our clients. Even more important is that you can be genuinely passionate about our core goal as a business – bringing more of the community into active discussions about the issues that affect their lives. You will also have experience delivering software and/or community engagement training directly, particularly to government clients, would be an advantage.

You would have some or all of these qualifications:

At least five years post-graduate experience and preferably with an IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement and/or Advanced Certificate in Engagement or Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Experience in training course development, content management systems, online learning, community engagement practice and social media platforms would make you a highly desirable candidate for this role.

You will also need:

Fantastic interpersonal skills (be someone who loves people and who people love in return). You will need to be a confident presenter and to be able to think on your feet in front of high-level audiences. You will be patient, enthusiastic, driven, inquisitive, team orientated and more than likely be extroverted.


While based in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the role is national and will require frequent interstate travel.


Please call Susan on 0403 303 290 for more information or send you resume to Applications close COB 15th September 2015.

7 September 2015
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