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Real Community Engagement

Making the Case for Real Community Engagement

Matthew Crozier

Matthew Crozier

Matthew is a founding director and CEO of Bang the Table.

I’ve quite literally never heard anyone defend the ‘open mic’ as an engagement process and yet in 2017 it persists as the major form of engagement in many cities across the USA.

We want to show core decision makers what can be achieved with more serious and sustained approaches to community engagement, but it’s not always easy to get the message across.

In an effort to empower advocates of good engagement practice, particularly online engagement practice (of which you are probably one if you are reading this), we collaborated with Ron Shaw, the former CAO of the City of Stratford in Ontario Canada, to produce a ‘Business Case for Online Community Engagement’.

The Business Case, which you can download below, covers both “how” and “why” good community engagement is important for your organization. It then looks at why online engagement is an important component of any engagement strategy. We’ve provided evidence and case studies, which we believe will help in your internal advocacy toward enhancing community engagement practice in your organization.

Download Business Case

After you read “why” in the business case document you might want to download one of our other resources available under the “Practice” tab at You can also contact us to discuss the possibilities and to learn from what some of our other 300 government sector clients are doing. We’d be happy to put you in touch with one of them.

4 October 2017
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