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New Zealand suburbs list added to EngagementHQ registration form and survey questions

Joe Kresling

Joe Kresling

Johannes is Bang the Table's Australian based Client Experience Manager.

Bang the Table was established in Australia way back in 2007, and has been doing business in New Zealand pretty much from day one. Then came Canada a few years later, and then the UK, and most recently the USA.

Given we’ve been working with our NZ brethren for so long now, we’ve been more than a little remiss in one department; EngagementHQ has never had a complete list of New Zealand suburbs.

The reason for this gap is lost to history, but I seem to remember being told that there wasn’t necessarily a lot of consistency in NZ about the use of place names and postcodes. So, instead of forcing the issue, we simply opted for an Open Text field to gather suburb data.

In the past couple of years, we’ve been working closely with the Auckland Transport, and the importance of accurate suburb data has become increasingly apparent.

So, it is with great pleasure that we can now announce that all New Zealand EngagementHQ sites now have access to a drop-down style question with a complete list of New Zealand suburbs.

The new New Zealand suburbs list is available as a default question type in Surveys and the Registration Form.



19 November 2017
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