Involving Your Community in City Budget Conversations

Like nearly every government in North America, Stillwater, Oklahoma is experiencing a sharp downturn in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic at the same time essential government services, such as public safety, are experiencing increased demand. Due to its commitment to public engagement, City leadership invites residents to understand the situation and provide informed input on how best to move forward on their community engagement site, Speak up Stillwater.

Combining a budget simulation tool and online engagement platform as powerful as Balancing Act and EngagementHQ allows residents to better understand and participate in the allocation of their tax dollars, as well as guide City leadership to local funding decisions with community values in mind.

This webinar will feature City of Stillwater’s Sherry Fletcher, Director, Marketing and Civic Engagement, and Melissa Reames, Chief Financial Officer, sharing how they are dealing with these challenges.

Key Takeaways:

Learn how engagement on the budget is different than on other issues, and why simulations are uniquely suited to this task
See how Stillwater, OK combined the expertise of two local gov functions—communications/engagement and budget/finance—to educate and engage their residents and build support decisions
See how EngagementHQ and Balancing Act work together to maximize the value of engagement
Learn and understand the 3 C’s of budget engagement

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