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Forums Tool

Give your community a safe space to debate pressing issues in a substantial way.

Forums is our most open online tool — it allows dissent, exchanges of ideas, and understanding of different perspectives.

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Environmental Discussion with Forums Tool

Engage on controversial issues through open discussion

Inspire deliberative dialogue. When polarizing issues arise, deliberative dialogue and the exchange of viewpoints are essential for progress. Forums encourage those conversations to take place.

A secure, interactive environment. Forums are moderated 24/7 to prevent offensive or inappropriate behavior. Moderation allows you to focus on providing information and fostering conversation.

Take the conversation off of social media. Controversial topics will be discussed in your community, most likely on social media. These debates tend to be futile and can spread misinformation – the forums tool helps to guide productive and respectful conversation.

Like or dislike individual comments. Some people aren’t comfortable discussing issues with others online. In that case, participants can like or dislike comments, enabling them to express their opinions too.

Spur civil debate in your community

The Forums tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Administrators can participate too. If there is a misunderstanding or a question, administrators can respond to comments to inform participants, thwart misinformation, and keep the conversation moving.

Encourage participation with imagery and videos in your prompt. The Forums tool lets you include engaging imagery and videos in prompts to encourage more contributions.

Use AI to quickly analyze discussions. Open-ended feedback is easily analyzed through sentiment analysis within EngagementHQ. Comments in forums are automatically determined to be positive, negative, or neutral, and can be further filtered by demographic.

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