Adding an Idea at home

Ideas Tool

Stakeholders have solutions to many of the pressing issues facing their community — collect their ideas online.

The Ideas tool lets residents post their own ideas and thoughts on an online idea board.

Explore the Ideas Tool

The Ideas Board

Brainstorm with more people

Co-design solutions with residents. Residents are not only more willing to accept outcomes when they helped conceptualize them, but they also may have more efficient ways of solving problems.

Empower more stakeholders. The average community stakeholder can’t attend an in-person workshop. An online idea board that’s available 24/7 gives more people the opportunity to contribute and spark creativity.

Guide the conversation. You can write engaging prompts, embed videos, and share imagery in your community idea board to encourage participation.

Share photos, make comments, and vote on other ideas. Effective brainstorming is reliant on participants interacting with each others’ ideas. Residents can share photos, as well as like and comment on other ideas.

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Tackle your community’s most difficult problems

The Ideas tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Diverse ideas lead to better outcomes. The link between innovation and diversity is well-established. When you connect stakeholders from different backgrounds, your project can achieve better results for your community.

Use the Ideas tool at the start of your project. The Ideas tool is especially effective during the initial stages of a project when new ideas can be implemented into the next phases of the engagement process.

Gather varied feedback with multiple Ideas Boards. Create multiple ideas boards within a single project to have more focused online brainstorming covering different topics or issues.

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