Family Idea on the Places Map

Places tool

Residents know where opportunity lies in their community — let them mark it on a map.

The Places tool empowers community stakeholders to show their favorite spots, locations in need of improvement, or even ideas for new projects on an interactive map of your community.

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Places Map

Go beyond the traditional survey

Add another dimension to your community data. The Places tool lets your community express their sentiments in an innovative and dynamic way. With Places, you’ll capture location-based data that reveals important spots in a community that can represent larger priorities.

Works across devices. If a resident is in their favorite park, they can take out their phone, take a picture, and drop a pin with the image instantly. The interactive map works across all devices, giving flexibility to users.

Ask a survey question when dropping a pin. Want to know the answer to a specific question based on location? Embed survey questions into your map pins for participants to answer.

Add photos and comments to pins. Community stakeholders can add comments and images to a map pin, allowing other users to visually see the location marked and share what’s important about that location.

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Guide your feedback with map customization

The Places tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Customize your pins. Choose from a variety of icons, create custom pin colors and name your pins to encourage specific types of feedback from residents, like locations for new bike racks or potholes that need to be filled.

Choose a specific area. If you are seeking community data from a specific neighborhood or portion of your community, you can specify the boundaries of that space so pins can only be dropped in the area of interest.

Tailor your map. The Places tool has eight different map styles for you to choose from, like satellite view, street view, or outdoors. You can apply GIS layering to your map for additional details and context.

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