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Q&A tool

Answer pressing questions from the community.

The Q&A tool provides a space for community members to ask questions and get answers. Administrators and experts can provide answers and additional resources simply, in a moderated process.

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Answering a question with the Q&A Tool

Keep stakeholders informed

Create a single source of truth. Provide a single space for community members to ask questions and get correct answers back. Without this tool, misinformation becomes more common as participants turn to social media to find answers.

Find out what’s missing. Analyzing incoming questions will help administrators to understand which areas of a consultation might need more information or are of more concern to the community.

Answer publicly or privately. While most questions are applicable to the wider community, some tend to be more personal. In those cases, easily respond privately to a participant.

Tag questions and utilize search functions. Q&A allows administrators to tag answers by topic and will automatically feed these into searchable categories.

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Engage efficiently with Q&A

The Q&A tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Host a Live Q&A event. Community members can tune in for a virtual event where participants can ask questions and administrators can answer in real-time.

Build your FAQ page. As questions roll in throughout the consultation, frequently asked questions will inevitably reveal themselves. FAQ pages save time for participants and administrators.

Integrate widgets into a Q&A page. Enhance participant experience and education by combining informational and rich media widgets alongside your Q&A tool page.

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