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Surveys tool

Gather structured feedback and quantitative data to inform your community initiatives.

The Surveys tool is powerful and easy to use. With conditional logic, rich media embeds, instant reporting, and more — EngagementHQ Surveys have the capabilities you need to learn actionable insights.

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Collect real data with Surveys to discover how your community feels

Quantify community sentiment. Community opinion can be hard to grasp. Surveys make it simple. Gather quantitative, meaningful data to back up your initiatives or tell you what changes need to be made.

Instant analytics and reporting. EngagementHQ automatically formats your survey data for quick analysis. Download as a pdf showing aggregate data and detailed information for each question.

Utilize skip and conditional logic. All community stakeholders are different and our Surveys tool reflects that. Employ skip and conditional logic to ask targeted questions within a single survey.

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Adding a question with the survey tool

Build Surveys that participants can take anytime, anywhere

The Surveys tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Flexible and streamlined. With over eight question types available and expert advice on how to ask engaging questions, ensure you’re receiving relevant information to your consultation.

Embed directly into any survey question. Rich media can bring a question to life for participants. The Surveys tool lets you add videos, hyperlinks, pictures, and specialized text to help your community give more informed feedback.

Test your survey before publishing. Before your community starts participating, make sure you’re asking the right questions. Share draft surveys with your team for testing and feedback.

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