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Our Participant Relationship Management (PRM) system is our flagship community building tool. It makes long-term engagement easy by building a strong data and information-driven base through integration with all of the EngagementHQ tools, including newsletters, blogging and social sharing.

Participant Relationship Management (PRM)

PRM is a powerhouse relationship management system. It gathers and integrates data and information so that you can better understand and engage with the people who are interacting with you.


Syncing with your other EHQ tools and data, our range of newsletter templates give you one easy platform to work from. The designs are simple to work with and include a WYSIWYG editor, preview and test functions, and audience selection and filtering.


The Social tool makes it easy to connect through your social platforms. It provides social log in (to EngagementHQ through facebook and twitter), social network integration, simple social sharing of projects and the ability to embed social feeds into the platform and your project pages.


Use the Blog tool to deliver stories and content to help and inspire your audience. The blog can be used as a way to draw people in and create a more informal way to interact, keep them informed and provide an engaging narrative around your project.


The visibility tool gives your projects three modes of visibility; you can have it completely public (anyone can join), private – limit membership by email domains or by a list or can have panel view, private where can restrict membership of convo to list or email domain but conversation is public (ppl can see it but can’t join).