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By offering a suite of tools EngagementHQ allows for a deeper methodology. Through its ‘toolbox’ approach, you can mix and match the tools you need to best solve a range of issues. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data at each stage of the project allows you to see what’s working and what’s not, and tweak your methodology as needed.


Places is a geospatial consultation tool where participants click on a map, dropping a ‘pin’ in the area of concern and then fill in a quick survey, giving you access to quantitative and qualitative data.


The Ideas tool provides ‘virtual’ post it notes so that individuals can add their ideas to a collective board. People are then able to like the ideas that inspire them most, helping you prioritise what matters most to the community.


The Surveys tool gives people an opportunity to voice their opinion in a convenient and guided way, which historically has shown higher response rates than other formats.


The Forums tool creates a space for discussion, dialogue and debate. People are able to share their experience with others, ask questions and have conversations in a safe and interactive environment. We can also moderate the discussion 24/7 for you.


Questions is an issues management and communication risk mitigation tool. It is a managed space for your community to ask you questions and for you to respond either publicly (to create a Q&A library) or privately.


The Guestbook tool keeps things simple; people are only able to upload plain text comments, which can be moderated to manage what appears publicly. No other interaction is enabled. This tool may be most useful when managing risk on highly contentious issues.


When we tell or hear a story, neuroscience tells us that we experience things on a much higher and more resonant level. The Stories tool can help your community to better understand, empathize and relate to others, as well as your project goals.


The Polls tool encourages people to give a quick answer on one question, by selecting from multiple choice answers. People are able to instantly see the Poll results, peaking their interest. This instant feedback also gives you real time insight.