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Question: "Are any B-lines planned for Newport, Avalon or Palm Beach?"

The New South Wales Government is delivering transport improvements for the Northern Beaches of Sydney, including an integrated program of service and infrastructure improvements for new B-Line bus service.

Using Questions as an online Q&A resource where the community can access information that keeps them informed and aware, as well as having the ability to contact the Government directly to gain clarity on the project and its impacts and benefits.

Perfect for during the implementation phase of complex infrastructure projects when your community has lots of questions.

Question: "Will there continue to be the same amount of FREE parking?"

The Carseldine Urban Village project will revitalise the former Queensland University of Technology (QUT) campus grounds to deliver an urban village.

It is important to Economic Development Queensland that they engage with the community to build on the existing land use plan to identify a vision for a viable, socially inclusive and sustainable development.

Questions has provided an inclusive and accessible platform that has helped the government to maintain an open and and ongoing dialogue with the community as the development has progressed.

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