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Stories are personal and heartfelt, and empower your communities to better understand, empathize and relate to others.

"As a mother of two using the Fernleigh trail almost daily I appreciate that it is safe from motor traffic, scenic and well maintained."

Lake Macquarie City Council has planning local areas to provide the community better walking tracks to not only encourage a healthier lifestyle for residents, but to also reduce car use for better environmental outcomes.

Stories was used by Council to collect information about the places people walk and want to walk.

More importantly it allowed the whole community relate to the behind those choices.

Perfect for emotionally complex projects where you want to create understanding and empathy, rather than debate.

"I phoned 311 for help...advised NOT to visit the party in case there were people out of control...the service was great even at 3.30am. Keep this funded."

The City of Winnipeg consulted the community in preparation for its 2017 budget. Encouraging people to have their say in how tax dollars are spent, the City used the Stories tool to unite the community in sharing what city services were most important them, as well as ideas to help balance revenues and expenditures.

Stories was used to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind individual and community preferences for certain services, and just as importantly, to expose difference sections of the community to those reasons.

All the features you need to gather digital stories

  • Your community can upload text and rich media to the story space.
  • And choose whether they are comfortable with other participants commenting on their story.
  • You can pre-moderate all stories or let us moderate them for you 24/7 with our global team of trained moderators.
  • Individual stories can be shared via social network channels.
  • Automated emails let you know when a new story has been posted, and your participants know when they have been approved.

Stories is just one of eight engagement & feedback tools in the EngagementHQ suite.

Integrated onboard analytics and reporting

  • Built-in analytical and reporting capability.
  • Report on one or a series of Stories or topics across multiple projects.
  • Integrated reporting with seven other feedback tools and 'whole-of-project' analytics.
  • Exportable data formats for easy third-party upload and analysis.
  • Exportable graphics formats for simplified report creation.
  • Cross-tab analysis with registered participant demographics.