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Twelve Question Types

EngagementHQ survey & form builder has a suite of the most common question types you need for your project, including: single line questions, essay style, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, likert, number, suburb, date, file upload, ranking and email.

Single or Multi-Page Layouts

Structure your survey on one page or over a number of pages to improve readability. Multi-page surveys include a status bar so your participants know where they are in the process.

Three Participation modes

EngagementHQ surveys have three participation modes. (1) Anyone: which permits anonymous survey completion, (2) Anyone with screen name and email address, and (3) Registered participants only.

Rich Contextual Messaging

EngagementHQ surveys include welcome and thank you message fields. These can be used to host rich media to provide more thoughtful survey taking. The thank you space also creates an opportunity to continue the participant’s journey.

Conditional & Mandatory Questions

Branch your survey using conditional questions that depend on earlier survey responses. Decide which questions are mandatory and which questions are optional.

Continous Profile Building

Unlike most survey tools, which capture data from participants as a one-off event, EngagementHQ lets you build a profile of your participants, and empowers you to develop long-term relationships with them.

Multi-Survey Option

Create an unlimited number of discrete surveys from a single project page to support different aspects of your project. This could include measuring your project at different points in in its progress, or to target different stakeholder groups.

Survey Cloning

This great time-saving feature allows you to scroll through all of your past surveys and forms so that you can create a new one instantly. This is particularly useful if you are creating simple ‘Email us’ style forms for each project page.

Autoresponder Notification Emails

You can choose to send a copy of the completed survey results to one person or an entire team. You can also choose to send the survey taker a copy of their survey results.

On-Board & Exportable Reports

All survey results are collated in EngagementHQ’s holistic reporting centre. Detailed reports can be downloaded for third party analysis. On-screen reports provide instantaneous insights.

Rich Contextual Information

One of the biggest short-comings of some survey tools is the lack of context for the survey taker. With EngagementHQ surveys are embedded within your project, so that you can educate your participants before, during and after the survey taking process.

Participant Demographics

Cross reference the demographic profile of survey takers who are registered participants on your EngagementHQ site.