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Information Widget Manager

EngagementHQ makes it easy to keep your community informed about about the details of your project.

Select from 14 unique information widgets using our Information Widget Manager to help you outline project timeline and key milestones, answer frequently asked questions, provide supporting information, collect participant emails and drive registrations to your site.

Our drag-and-drop function and on-screen editor ensures you can add your project information content quickly giving you flexibility in the setup of your project pages.

Information Library

Each project in EngagementHQ includes a unique information library to help you manage your consultation assets. This library allows you to store and manage all of your images and videos, key documents and frequently asked questions as well as your project team members. Use these assets with your widgets to get the right information to your community.

Information Widgets

Explain project information using these powerful information widgets

News Categories

Use news categories to organize your news feed.

Document Library

Share your key project documents.

Facebook Feed

Integrating a Facebook feed into your projects.


Answer questions with FAQs.

Important Links

Use important links to collect useful resources.

Photo Gallery

Use a photo gallery to liven up your project.


Use videos to help explain your project.

Sign Up Banner

Use the signup banner widget to attract new participation.

Related Projects

Drive engagement by linking to related projects.


Outline your project’s timeline.

Key Dates

Outline Key Dates.

Follow Project

Encourage participants to follow your projects.

Who's Listening

Tell Your Community “Who’s Listening”.

Custom Widgets

Create your own widget.

Display Clickable Images

Add Google Translate

Track Users with Facebook Pixels