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What Is EngagementHQ?

  • It’s a Community building platform that is built around creating and fostering relationships
  • It’s a suite of tools that encourage online engagement and feedback
  • It’s an analytical system that allows for you to listen to people who are engaging online and make decisions based on that feedback
  • It’s a client community where you learn from the best and see how your peers are engaging with their communities online
  • It’s a support system that guides you through the online engagement process through training, events, and peer learning
  • It’s a resource library filled with research and practice articles, white papers, documents and guides hand crafted by practitioners and academics at Bang the Table
  • It’s a registered B-Corp company built by practitioners who care about people having a say in what’s happening in their community


EngagementHQ Tools

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EngagementHQ Tool Spectrum

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