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Fall Webinar Series

Everything you need to know to be successful in Online Community Engagement. Learn the fundamentals of online citizen engagement, managing risk, measuring analytics, and increasing online participation.

Online Engagement Webinar Series

Week 1 - October 25 - October 28 - 10 AM MST
Week 2 - November 1 - November 4 - 2:00 PM MST

Oct 25 / Nov 1
Part 1: Online Citizen Engagement 101


Oct 26 / Nov 2
Part 2: Managing Risk in Online Engagement


Oct 27 / Nov 3
Part 3: Analytics, Measurement & Performance Management


Oct 28 / Nov 4
Part 4: Increasing Participation in Online Engagement


Join the Bang the Table North American Team for a 30-minute webinar that will walk you through the essentials of Online Citizen Engagement. This series will boost your confidence and give you concrete skills to get a jump-start on your projects.

Q&A will also be available at the end of the webinar.

Join our EngagementHQ demo immediately following webinar to learn more about our software.