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Patient engagement in healthcare

Digital engagement in healthcare will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients. To do so, it’s essential that Health Networks engage with the consumers, communities, and stakeholders they serve. Community and consumer perspective are imperative to ensure that decisions, investments, and innovations are patient-centered, cost-effective, and aligned to local care experiences and expectations. See how EngagementHQ improves patient engagement for more health-conscious community building.

The Patient Leadership Triangle Ebook

Peoplebank Case Study

Creating a common language in online health engagement

Peoplebank, the digital engagement hub of the Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network, instilled a flexible, responsive approach to health engagement.

“We are not locked in to just one way of gaining local information and intelligence. Our level of intelligence can go from a small pulse check to large scale assessments and co-designed projects. Having the flexibility to be able to do that is a real benefit to us. And getting the actual tangible data to support that for future use is beneficial.”

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“We have used our EngagementHQ platform for a whole range of different projects – everything from large public consultations, to small online community panels, to province-wide internal consultations with our employees and volunteers."

"We love this product because it is easy to use, flexible and responsive, and it provides a wide range of tools for feedback, discussion, and analysis.”

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