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Who’s behind EngagementHQ?

EngagementHQ is built and supported by the team at Bang the Table Pty Ltd.

Originally based only in Australia, we’ve been around since 1998. Before then, our founders worked in, with and around government and community either leading or providing advice about community engagement, government relations, communications and strategic planning. Collectively the Bang the Table team has well over 100 years of experience working with government and the private sector on tricky community engagement issues.

Our Mission

Bang the Table’s mission is to improve the quality of public debate and level of community involvement in public life.

Our Vision

Bang the Table’s vision is a planet where all of its citizens have inexpensive and accessible opportunities to learn about and contribute intelligently to the decisions that affect their lives.

Our Business

Bang the Table was established because no matter how well designed, offline consultation processes inevitably only reach part of a community or stakeholder group. The internet provides an opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and the ability to have their say. Bang the Table is a company that offers tools for engaging in collaborative learning, discussion and debate.


Operate in five countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK & USA


Years in business


Clients across the public, private and third sector




Citizens engaged in the past twelve months