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Managing the 90-9-1 principle

Managing the 90-9-1 Principle for Online Community Engagement

Dr Crispin Butteriss

Dr Crispin Butteriss

Crispin is a founding director of Bang the Table and the Chief Practice Officer.

This is the final version of slideshow for “Social Media in Government” presentation delivered in Edmonton, Canada on 27th January 2010. The presentation provides and overview of the 90-9-1 phenomena, demonstrates in application to online citizen engagement via Bang the Table’s data sets, presents three case studies, and provides recommendations for removing barriers to engaging communities online.

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Published Date: 11 January 2010 Last modified on August 18, 2017
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  1. James Dellow says:

    From a quick review I didn't quite follow the significance of all the graphs (probably makes more sense when you explain the detail in person), however I do like the way you address the issue of the perceived inequality in online consultations.

  2. Thanks James, useful feedback. I'll work up a couple of additional "explanation" slides. Ta.

  3. Zach says:

    There should be a question mark on slide 30…

  4. I like how slide 18 ("Number of comments made by individual account holders") disproves the 90-9-1 myth. With 37.2% of participants contributing at least one comment there's no room for 90% lurkers.

    Thanks for sharing hard, concrete data. Very cool!

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