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The online consultation guide book

The Online Consultation Guide Book was put together by the Bang the Table team to help organisations new to engaging online with the strategy and tactics required for success.

The Online Citizen Engagement Guide Book is a follow-up publication to 100 Ideas to Engage the Community Online. It was a compilation of learning from working on several hundred projects with dozens of clients over the first four years in the life of Bang the Table.

Perhaps you’re entering the world of online citizen engagement for the first time or are making the switch to EngagementHQ. Either way, there is a lot to think about to ensure the best possible outcomes from your consultations.

Online community (or citizen) engagement is about much more than technology. While the choice of technology is critical, that choice should arise as an outcome of thoughtful consideration of your objectives. Unfortunately this is nont always the case and we too often see organisations leaping into using high-profile social networking platforms with little or no consideration for their strategic objectives or management processes.

In the end, the technology is simply an enabler. As with all traditional offline community engagement, good engagement outcomes arise from good practice. And good practice arises from sound thinking about methodology, strategy, tactics, protocols and procedures, and day-to-day practicalities.

The online consultation guide book covers thirteen topics:

  • Principles for engaging online
  • The engagement continuum
  • Strategic behavior for the long haul
  • Community panels
  • Consultation planning
  • Feedback tool selection
  • Creating an information-rich learning environment
  • Bringing the consultation space to life
  • Consultation promotion
  • Overcoming internet accessibility issues
  • Forum moderation
  • Consultation implementation
  • Consultation interpretation.

It’s 100% free and we have published it using a Creative Commons license, so feel free to distribute to your friends, colleagues and neighbours – but please do tell them where it came from.

To download, fill out the form below and we will email you a link to the guide.

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