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Capire is a boutique Melbourne based community engagement and social planning consultancy. The team members have backgrounds in urban planning, social science, communications and design; bringing together a wealth of expertise and experience to our projects. They are all skilled in listening, researching, facilitating and problem solving.

KJA is an Australian company that designs and delivers clever communications and engagement solutions for clients operating in the planning, transport, infrastructure, education, health, environment and energy sectors.

Straight Talk is a boutique Sydney based consultancy specialising in leading practice community engagement, stakeholder management and communication services. The team provides expert services in consultation and public participation; facilitation of groups, meetings and events, strategic communications and issues management.

Becky Hirst Consulting is a boutique community engagement business based near Adelaide, South Australia. Becky and her team provide a range of services in the community engagement space including consultancy and project management, group facilitation, online community engagement, training, workshops and mentoring.

Melbourne based, Max has been consulting for 17 years, specialising in deliberative processes, collaboration and local capacity building. Max works with leaders and organisations to achieve results through collaboration.

Membership Engagement Services (MES) specialises in communications, research and project management with a unique focus on participation and involvement.  We are engagement experts, helping organisations to communicate and work with their members, staff, the public, local community and other stakeholders.

Jessica is a UK-based PR practitioner specialising in managing public consultation for planning proposals such as housing and renewable energy developments. Jessica takes a strategic approach to delivering genuine and meaningful community and stakeholder consultation for planning proposals.

Participate designs and creates dialogue for change. That may be about something complex, contentious or positive – in every instance we help get the right people involved in the conversation and ensure it makes a difference.

We are a specialist community engagement business offering consulting and training services to organisations across Australia. Our passion is providing solutions and support to ensure community engagement is delivered in the best way possible to assist effective, outcome-based decision making.

At business2one, our name is our purpose. We are dedicated to helping businesses make individual and engaging connections with their customers using traditional and new media.

Place Match is Western Australia’s only dedicated place making consultancy. We are big picture thinkers with the skills, network and budgetary discipline to take care of the little picture details.

We are a strategic communication consultancy based in Darwin with a long history of working in the Territory.

True North’s values – integrity, collaboration, passion, creativity and professionalism – are reflected in the work we do, the way we collaborate and communicate with clients, stakeholders, and target audiences and in the results of our work.

Whether we’re planning your PR strategy, organising your conference, writing your media release, communicating in your marketplace, or sending you a simple progress update….you can expect the very best Sauce, every single time.

Nation Partners helps infrastructure and property development projects capture and unlock social and economic value. Combining specialist environmental advisory services with leading stakeholder relations and project development capabilities, we help complex projects in transport, water, property, energy and mining deliver the best outcomes for business and the community.

Just Add Lime brings a fresh twist to your organisation through our tailored approach.

We’re an energising bunch where genuine teamwork is what sets us apart. Working with us means you will be working with some of the best in their fields, who will inspire, challenge and support you to bring the best to your organisation.

The Civic Group brings together some of Australia’s most respected and experienced communications, media and political experts. We are industry leaders in designing strategies that influence and activate public opinion, policy makers and stakeholders.

Aurecon brings ideas to life to design a better future. Imagining what is possible, we turn problems into solutions.

Dialogue Matters design, facilitate, train, advise, research and evaluate stakeholder engagement, empowerment, knowledge creation and impact. The focus of our work is the sustainable management, understanding and use of the environment.

Beckon specializes in developing and implementing strategic communication and engagement plans, undertaking in-depth analysis of stakeholders and issues and developing unique and effective stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.