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Public Engagement with the Smart City

Public engagement with the Smart City is a step toward thinking through issues for twenty-first century citizens in an increasingly sensor-laden environment. This e-book includes four articles by global engagement academics and consultants and presents nine summaries of recent research that explore key issues including data-driven participation, citizen exclusion and resilient smart city planning.


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100 ideas to engage your community online

Online public engagement is still very new methodologically. This short guide provides food for thought with one hundred ideas and thoughts about what to do and what not to do.

The online consultation guide book

The Online Citizen Engagement Guide Book was put together by the Bang the Table team to help organisations new to engaging online with the strategy and tactics required for success.

Bring Public Dialogue to You

This e-book explores the opportunities presented with online community engagement. This business case looks first at community engagement best practices and then explores the argument for using online tools alongside face-to-face engagement to build effective community relationships.

How to ask engaging questions

Writing engaging questions is one of the most important aspects of conducting an effective consultation process. This short guide provides examples of great questions.

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