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To make including use of the EngagementHQ platform in a proposal an easy process, this page shares pricing, platform features and services for consultants in the USA.  You can include us in your bid with confidence with this information.

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Bang the Table’s EngagementHQ software is the world’s most comprehensive and flexible citizen engagement platform. EngagementHQ is used in thousands of projects around the world and over 80 projects are launched using EngagementHQ each week.

The breadth of use of EngagementHQ is made possible by the 8 engagement tools included in the platform, the flexibility of use and the power of the reporting and participant management features.

If you’d like to power your clients’ engagement projects with EngagementHQ then read on, the resources in this page are designed to give you all the information you need to put together a successful proposal.


Our pricing starts at $5,000 for a short term or a relatively simple project. More complex and longer term projects may cost $15,000 annually or more depending on project needs. 

We recognize that this is a broad spectrum. It’s worth giving our team a call to discuss your project - we can always give you a quote on the same day.

Licenses Include

  • platform use for an individual project
  • 24/7 moderation of community inputs
  • online training for your team
  • up to 3 administrator logins
  • unlimited community use 
  • access to all 8 engagement tools
  • unlimited storage
  • support from our 24 hour helpdesk

Enterprise pricing is also available upon request for your clients who might want to continue with engagement beyond a single project. We are happy to provide quotes based on your client's needs.

We do not offer enterprise packages to consultants for resale to multiple clients. If you would like to use EngagementHQ with multiple clients in a year, we offer multi project package pricing at a significant discount. Please call our team for a quote: 303.974.5219 or email us.

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Best Practice & Training

In House Training

In-house training is available from our experienced Engagement Managers at $2,500 for a half day session. 

Availability is limited so please book well in advance

Best Practices Resources

We also regularly share best practice resources through the bangthetable.com website. You will find the EngagementHQ blog here and practice resources here

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