100 Ideas To Engage Your Community Online

100 Ideas to Engage Your Community Online

This short guide was first put together by the team at Bang the Table back in 2009 to engage your community online when we were still babes in the woods. The business was just two years old, and our online engagement experience ran to around 200 projects, almost all in Australia.

Now we work with over 200 clients in five countries – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the United States. In 2015 alone, we hosted more than 2300 consultations on our specialist EngagementHQ and BudgetAllocator community engagement and participatory budgeting platforms respectively.

It’s this experience that has helped us develop the second iteration of the “100 Ideas” booklet.

We’ve written it with the time poor in mind. And we’ve tried to walk the line between creating a resource that will help get you up and running with online engagement, without weighing you down with too much information.

We hope it will provide a starting point for people working across a range of sectors; community engagement, public relations, communications and project management.

A few of our ideas are controversial, many are common sense; we hope all will help you navigate across the new and burgeoning field of online community engagement.

The 100 ideas booklet addresses ten major themes:

  1. Why engage your community online
  2. Planning your online engagement strategy
  3. Creating compelling content to support your online engagement campaign
  4. Promoting your program of online engagement
  5. Ensuring your online engagement tools and strategies are accessible
  6. Confronting the issue of anonymity in online feedback and discussions
  7. Addressing the need for forum moderation to keep online discussion forums safe
  8. Facilitation of online discussions to inform policy development
  9. Reporting the outcomes of the engagement process
  10. Following up with the community after the fact to ensure the trust is maintained and the community is willing to be involved the next time around

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Published Date: 8 July 2016 Last modified on April 26, 2019

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