Meet Melissa (Mel) Hagedorn

Mel Hagedorn has been lured back into the Public Engagement profession as an Engagement Manager for Bang the Table Australia, after spending several years working in the nonprofit sector.

Mel has a passion for developing active and engaged communities, and believes that a community of involved participants can provide a wealth of knowledge that desktops cannot. It’s no surprise then, that she would excel in the process of helping clients facilitate a two way exchange of ideas and information through her current role. Interestingly, Bang the Table and its online public engagement platform is no stranger to Mel.


“I was a past client of Bang the Table when the software was first released into the market. Over the years, as a client and in working in other sectors, I have seen that the Bang the Table team is not only about empowering their clients, but also encouraging communities to have a say in issues that matter to them.

Bang the Table is client-centric and wants to see clients develop their communities.  Who wouldn’t be drawn to such a company with those ethics?”, said Mel.

Mel has an extensive background in marketing, public engagement and philanthropy working across all levels of Government and more recently, with large multinational corporations listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). She is currently finishing a Bachelor of Communications and Public Relations from the University of Southern Queensland, and has studied Law and Business.

Her work in the nonprofit sector includes the Children’s Hospital Foundation, where she served in senior roles and was responsible for over 50% of the Foundation’s annual revenue.

Fun Fact: When Mel was with the Electoral Commission, she worked with Vision Australia to deliver the first ever Braille Paper Ballot for a Queensland State Election, allowing the vision impaired to vote unassisted and in secret for the first time in Queensland. Vision Australia is now a client and they have partnered with Bang the Table to help ensure the platform is fully accessible.  

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