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A passion project

From our company’s inception through today, it is with absolute enthusiasm that we pave the way for digital engagement.

Bang the Table was founded because, no matter how well-designed the off-line consultation process, inevitably it only reaches a small segment of a community. The online space provides the opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and enable them to have their say. It drives inclusive, transparent, and measurable community engagement processes that empower collaborative learning, discussion, and debate.

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The mission

Robust democracy requires real public participation. Our mission is to enable this participation as a fundamental pillar of well-functioning 21st century democracies by forging constructive relationships between communities and the institutions of government.

Our leadership team

Matthew Crozier

Matthew Crozier

Chief Executive Officer

Karthik Reddy

Karthik Reddy

Chief Technology Officer

Crispin Butteriss

Crispin Butteriss PHD

Non-Executive Director

A rich history

We’re passionate about helping public leaders forge meaningful connections with their community. Many on our team, including our founders, started in public engagement. We understand the complexities of your work because we’ve done it. We’re committed to driving best practice digital engagement around the world and built EngagementHQ to support you.

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Very few people showed up to town hall meetings and the loudest voice in the room usually won the argument. We imagined a better way, bringing democracy online. And in 2007, we built EngagementHQ.


Australia & New Zealand

Bang the Table was founded in Australia. We were among the first to develop an online platform for local, state and federal governments. Our mission was to empower communities with an equal voice on important matters. EngagementHQ is still being used by many of our first clients as they set the stage for digital-first community engagement around the world.



As the number of organizations using EngagementHQ grew, so did our focus on product improvements and customer experience. We opened our India office in 2011 with a team dedicated to improving our client’s experience. Our team of engineers and support professionals continues to grow and delight our clients around the world.



A natural fit with our mission, Canadian governments and municipalities were doing the hard work to engage their communities in traditional form. We launched EngagementHQ in Canada in 2014, helping the Government of Canada and organizations of all sizes listen to and make informed decisions based on community feedback.

Denver Colorado, USA

United States

While the practice of community engagement is still new in the US, many organizations both small and large use the same principals to gain feedback from residents and stakeholders. In 2016, we opened the doors to our new corporate headquarters in Boulder, CO. We work to educate on best practice engagement and the value of having a dedicated platform, online.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

We brought EngagementHQ to the UK market in 2018. While our British clients are seasoned at community engagement, we work to expand their use of online tools and the level of engagement and feedback they receive from ongoing consultation.

A bright future with a big impact

Global team members


Global team members

We’re a passionate group, ready to help when you need us.

Platform Administrators


Platform administrators

EngagementHQ administrators make engagement happen around world.



Community participants

Giving people a say in matters that impact their daily lives.

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