From the beginning

Bang the Table was founded because, no matter how well-designed the off-line consultation process, inevitably it only reaches a small segment of a community. The online space provides the opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and enable them to have their say. It drives inclusive, transparent, and measurable community engagement processes that empower collaborative learning, discussion, and debate.

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A rich history

Metal folding chairs, a community hall basement, slightly damp and cold with a fluorescent light flickering in the corner. The same, six or seven people as last month’s meeting, seated there in front of you. Perhaps you remember when this was the setting for our work. We sure do.

We also remember when we realized things needed to change. Online platforms were transforming the way people interacted, voiced opinions, and digested information. Community engagement needed to be a part of this revolution.

We’re passionate about helping public leaders forge meaningful connections with their community. Many on our team, including our founders, started in public engagement. We understand the complexities of your work because we’ve done it. We’re committed to driving best practice digital engagement around the world and built EngagementHQ to support you.

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