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Digital engagement site review and benchmarking report

Learn more about your digital engagement performance. A Digital Engagement Site Review and Benchmarking Report allows you to take a closer look at your practice using EngagementHQ. Use this report to better understand your community database, set benchmarks for your projects and identify areas to improve your practice.

Why benchmark your performance?

1. Identify areas to improve your digital engagement projects by taking a closer look at project success and failures

2. Set goals and benchmarks that can be measured and used as KPI’s for future performance

3. See how you perform against your peers using EngagementHQ

4. Develop staff practices and identify areas to improve capacity and knowledge of digital engagement and EngagementHQ

5. Evaluate approaches and techniques to better understand what worked and what didn’t

6. Compare your performance over time to see if you are improving

What’s included in a Benchmarking Report?

Get an overview of your site particulars and key performance indicators including:

  • Summary of site information including high level numbers on aware, informed and engaged visitors
  • Site admin activity report to check for redundant site admins and users
  • 12 month performance snapshot for help observing visits, visitors and page views
site trends report

Site trends and observations

Learn about how you’re approaching engagement including:

  • Homepage observations and recommendations for collecting and presenting your projects
  • Project page observations and recommendations about ways to improve project delivery
  • Sign-up from evaluation to identify if you are capturing useable demographics information
  • Published project analysis to observe trends in your project publishing habits
  • Site visitor analysis
  • Database active users, imported users analysis, rate of growth, size comparison to assist in identifying strategies for growing your community online
Project trends report

Project trends

Find insights about your engagement performance and ways to improve:

  • Top engaged projects and peer comparison to cast an eye over performance and difference in approaches
  • Top projects by participation to help identify the issues which resonated with your community
  • Aware, Informed and Engaged analysis for your top projects to identify trends in topics and approaches
  • Engagement tool performance and preferences for evaluating tool selection and performance
Participant Trends Report

Participation trends

Dive deeper into your community database:

  • Demographic breakdown (if available in database) to help you see the make up of your online community using EngagementHQ
  • Traffic analysis for observing dominant traffic channels
  • Participant relationship analysis (if available in database) to help ensure you have the right profile in your database

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