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What is an Engagement Embed? Examples and How-to Guide

An Engagement Embed is a powerful web element that lets you insert your engagement survey or quick poll into all sorts of web experiences.

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digital hui and EngagementHQ

Learn How EngagementHQ is Used Around the World

WasteMINZ: Combining digital hui and EngagementHQ

Elliot Sim, Business Development and Practice Lead – New Zealand, examines how WasteMINZ conducted national hui in a purely digital fashion after plans to host in-person meetings were thwarted by COVID-19.

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risk mitigation

Learn the Practice of Community Engagement

How to identify and reduce risk in community engagement

Community engagement is essential to facilitate community-informed decision-making. But, how do you reduce risk in community engagement?

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Value of Digital Community Engagement Ebook

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Bang the Table offers a series of free ebooks and guides to help you develop your Community Engagement Practice.

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