10 Favourite Lists of Twitter Tips for Community Engagement

While compiling last week’s blog ’20 Tips for using Twitter as Part of your Community Engagement Process‘ I came across lots and lots of  lists of Twitter tips.  In fact barely a day goes by without me seeing a new one sail past me on my Twitter stream.  Usually these contain consistently good advice, though not always.

I thought it might be helpful if I were to put together a compilation of lists of twitter tips for community engagement, a top 10.  There’s plenty of overlap but this should satisfy most people’s thirst for tips.  If your thirst is not quenched by the list you can always use #twittips to see the latest tips being shared on Twitter.

So here we go and in no particular order of importance:

  1. The ever innovative Becky Hirst’s tips on how to hold a Twitter friendly event.
  2. The Mashable Twitter Guide – this is the last word on just about every aspect of Twitter, not written for community engagement professionals in particular but a real gold mine and something to return to time and again when you are unsure or in need of guidance
  3. Some common sense but none the less important tips from Dave Briggs on keeping yourself and your organization safe on Twitter some more here aimed at emergency responders, also good common sense.
  4. If you’re in Government you should certainly download and absorb Govloop’s Twitter tips for Government Agencies and employees.
  5. A brief but important set of tips from the Emergency 2.0 Wiki for overcoming Twitter’s accessibility limitations
  6. Some great crowd sourced Twitter tips on Storify initiated by Shirley Ayres
  7. Another crowd sourced list of tips, this time collated by Chris Tuttle for the not for profit sector.  I’d recommend you read these no matter what sector you come from.
  8. John Moore’s quick tips for a local government starting to use Twitter are interesting.  One tip recommends following everyone tweeting within a 20 mile radius.  I’m not sure if this is good advice or encouraging you to be a super spammer!  Having said that, if it can be justified for anyone it’d be a local government.
  9. I have to once again plug my crowd sourced list of tips aimed squarely at community engagement 20 Tips for using Twitter as Part of your Community Engagement Process.
  10. Last but by no means least, Stephen Fry has released 5 top tips for interacting with him on Twitter – oh to have such a following! However, your organization could benefit by following his lead and setting out how you plan to interact on the platform so expectations are managed. Tweeters for Community Engagement News

If I’ve missed any lists you find useful why not add them as a comment?

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