Top 10 Reasons to Engage Your Community Online

There are many reasons to engage your community online, outlined below are our top 10.

  1. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 83% of Australian homes have internet access (in 2013). There is no other engagement technique can offer this level of accessibility.
  2. The majority of people just don’t have the time to get active in their community and go in-person to town meetings and consultations. Online engagement makes it convenient for people to get involved.
  3. Online engagement provides an accessible option for getting all kinds of people involved in your conversations: busy people like working parents, younger people, senior citizens, shift workers and mobility or vision and hearing-impaired people. Everyone can have their say.
  4. Online engagement tools can crack open long-term issues and bring more people into conversations that affect their community.
  5. The online environment provides a secure space for people to learn and test assumptions, positions and options.
  6. The relative freedom of an anonymous online environment removes the barriers of aggressiveness, loudness and power that can be present at community meetings and stifle debate.
  7. Online engagement systems are cost effective and efficient. You can contact more participants directly, at less cost.
  8. Online engagement can change an organisation’s culture by improving organisational transparency and responsiveness.
  9. Online engagement means you can help manage the conversation before it manages you.
  10. Online engagement tools support community ownership at all levels of the engagement spectrum; from “informed” through to “empowered”.

We’d also love to know why you think it’s important to engage your community online from a practice perspective?

Top 10 Reasons To Engage Your Community Online

Photos by via Pixabay.

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