10 Ways to Promote Your Online Engagement

If your online engagement is to have any chance of success, people need to know about it. Online engagement is no different from traditional methods in this respect. You have to think carefully and strategically about how to reach your target community and promote your online engagement project whilst keeping in mind the following:

  1. It is important to place a prominent link to your online consultation site on your corporate website. This will drive around 30% of your traffic.
  2. Pick a short and easy to remember URL. Make sure it appears on all your collateral, media releases, and in any editorial pieces you get in the local paper. This will account for another 30% of your traffic.
  3. Make sure your consultation is SEO-friendly. Use appropriate keywords in your project description and let the world know about it through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Put a letter about the consultation in with your next rates notice. Advertise it in the local school newsletters.
  5. Hand out leaflets at public events, in the mall, at public transport stops, wherever your target audience may frequent.
  6. Find local community groups with a web and/or social media presence and ask their administrators to share a link to your consultation.
  7. Direct email your entire staff and relevant local organisations. Ask them to pass it on to friends and family.
  8. Display signage at local libraries and internet access points. Ask the library to make your consultation one of their default home pages. Even try leaving bookmarks advertising your consultation at the library’s front desk.
  9. Talk to local education institutes about the possibility of integrating the consultation process into appropriate lesson plans.
  10. Engage online repeatedly and build a community of people, including an up-to-date contacts list, so that you can directly market to target group each time you launch a project.

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