6 Ways To Use Video For Online Community Engagement

Digital video is one of the leading ways to drive online engagement. The statistics don’t lie with website pages containing video attracting more traffic, users spending more time on pages with video content and people more likely to click on an email link containing a video. The percentage of internet users consuming video content online is high at above 77% in Australia, the United States, the UK and Canada.

In the community engagement space where a message needs to be conveyed quickly and succinctly, a well-made video is an excellent way to launch a consultation, encourage participation and/or submissions, update a community about a consultation’s progress and finally, to inform participants about a consultation’s outcomes.

With endless potential, digital video can be an excellent tool for online community engagement when used correctly. Below are some fantastic examples of how government and/or public sector organisations are successfully using video for online community engagement in order to engage better with their stakeholders.

1. The City of Canning in Perth, Western Australia have commissioned a beautiful animated video that explains to the public the benefit of the council’s community engagement efforts. At 5-minutes in length, it is at the longer end of most digital explainer videos, however due to its well-written content and entertaining style of animation it remains engaging and relevant throughout.

2. The City of Adelaide has a fantastic online presence via their EngagementHQ portal, which also features a terrific video introducing the city’s community engagement efforts to the public and inviting participation. The video works well as it combines interviews with local stakeholders along with short animated sections, which emphasise key points.

3. The City of Sydney provides another beautiful example of the use of video for community engagement encouraging participation by inviting Indigenous artists to submit proposals for a major new artwork to honour the Eora, the Aboriginal people of Sydney, and recognise the Gadigal clan as the traditional custodians of the City of Sydney’s local area.

The City of Sydney has also created a range of videos for their online community engagement projects including a current consultation on the development of a new skate park. It is worth taking a look at the many videos on their site here.

4. On the other hand, Planning NSW has created an animation which visually demonstrates the planned new Macquarie University Station Precinct. The 4-minute fly-by video gives the community and other stakeholders a good idea of how the new precinct will look and feel after planned improvements are made. The video takes at time dry planning materials and converts them into an engaging and understandable piece of useful content. Planning NSW also has a dedicated YouTube channel containing further videos.

5. Meanwhile in Australia’s tropical north, the Northern Territory government has created numerous digital videos to both introduce the ‘developing the north’ consultation and summarise the government’s community engagement efforts after the consultation concluded.

Watch Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles introduce the ‘developing the north’ consultation:

Watch the well-produced summary video of the Northern Territory consultation:

Further videos can be found on the Northern Territory’s EngagementHQ consultation site.

6. Finally, this is a perfect way to use video to follow up with participants after a consultation. The thank you video below is from the Commissioner for Young People in Western Australia after their successful consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to give them a voice on the things that matter to them.

Let us know what other examples you have found of terrific community engagement video content? How are you using video in your own consultations?

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