9 reasons EngagementHQ is perfect for Citizens’ Assemblies

EngagementHQ provides a suite of resources for looking after engaging citizens’ assemblies. This includes information widgets, which provide your assembly members with a range of resources to become more informed about topics that the assembly will be asked to discuss.  

Assembly members will have access to document libraries, video and image libraries, FAQs and much more, providing the essential ingredients for meaningful deliberation. These information widgets integrate seamlessly with the eight discussion and deliberation tools like discussion forums, the ideas tool, storytelling, places, surveys and quick opinion polls. Together this creates a perfect environment for online participation and efficient deliberative engagement.

Key features, ideal for citizens’ assemblies, include:

  1. Carrying on the conversation. A great deal of the citizens’ assembly’s work will probably take place in deliberative workshops. EngagementHQ enables participants to carry on the conversation, online, to learn more and to share ideas and comments that may emerge after time for reflection.  This creates a stickiness between the assembly participants, allowing them to carry on the debate between more traditional face to face events. It also allows you, the host, to check-in with assembly members and suggest new topics for discussion, share new information or correct any misleading information.
  2. Creating a safe place for public participation.  Our 24/7 moderated forums and dialogue tools mean that participants can participate without fear of harassment or inappropriate behaviour.  They can also feel free to suggest ideas or comments that they may not necessarily believe in, but may want to discuss and share without fear of being judged or berated for unpopular ideas or comments. This sharing of ideas in an open way is vital to the successful operation of a citizens’ assembly.
  3. Tools for deliberation. Discussion forums, ideas, places and stories provide perfect opportunities for sharing experiences and discussing ideas and commenting on opinion in a safe, engaging environment.
  4. Opportunity to query.  Questions and guestbook are perfect places for people to query your information and/or leave open comment in a transparent and honest manner.
  5. Reaching conclusions.  Surveys and questions are perfect for setting baseline data or for assembly members to reach conclusions (after timely deliberation and reflection). The survey tool is also ideal for before and after comparison and the quick poll can be used to test the assembly’s opinion, at any time and keep participants motivated.
  6. Information exchange.  Our array of widgets enables you to upload videos, images and documents (and much more) to keep participants informed and provide them with detailed information, in an accessible format, which they will need for effective deliberative engagement.
  7. Mobile and online.  EngagementHQ is mobile responsive meaning that participants can engage via their smartphone or tablet, a vital requirement for a citizens’ assembly in 2019! No doubt, many participants will expect to participate online and via their mobile devices, and many will not if they are unable to do so.  Offering these choices for participation will make your assembly more representative.
  8. Understanding and engaging assembly members.  Our Participant Relationship Management system (PRM) allows you to view participant activity, understand what conversations they have been involved in and how (if you need to) you can ‘nudge’ participants and encourage them to take part. A standard metric will be for you to track the number of assembly members who are informed, aware and engaged, based on their site behaviour. You can also send all assembly members a newsletter and say thank you at any time.
  9. Analysis and reporting. Our reporting tool and comment tagging provides you with the reporting and analysis capabilities you need to capture insight from your assembly members, provide actionable results and report them to your decision makers and the wider community.

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