A New Interactive Way to Display Projects on Your Homepage

Helping visitors to your site find projects they are interested in is a critical step to increasing engagement and one that fuels your community-building efforts. For organizationsorganisations that launch projects continuously, presenting new projects and keeping them visible on the homepage can be cumbersome, especially when adding projects to the homepage is manual and involves multiple stakeholders. 

EngagementHQ’s new Appearance Editor offers a built-in feature to help you manage the projects you display more efficiently, while allowing your participants to easily search and filter projects that interest them.

Project Showcase is a new content section designed to present a dynamic list of engagement projects for your visitors to filter and search through on your homepage. This new section helps keep your homepage clean and uncluttered while allowing visitors to get a full picture of past and present engagement efforts. Adding the Project Showcase section to your homepage takes only a minute to achieve and offers customizationcustomisation options that can display or hide project filters of your choosing.

With a built-in search function, you can allow visitors to search projects based on title, apply filters based on year, filter for active and closed consultations, or you can give visitors the ability to filter based on your project tags. Having a site-wide project tagging strategy can also support richer tool and project-level reporting. 

With the addition of Appearance Editor, we’ve brought a dynamic and compact project navigation experience to all EngagementHQ sites as a standard feature. To start using the new Appearance Editor and Project Showcase feature, contact support to enable your EngagementHQ site today.

Published Date: 19 August 2020

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