Announcing Bang the Table’s Partnership with Balancing Act

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I’m extremely excited to be announcing a global partnership between Bang the Table and Balancing Act this week.

I’ve long been an admirer of the work Balancing Act have done in promoting awareness and participation in government budgeting processes. The team at Engaged Public (the company behind Balancing Act) are experienced and passionate community engagement practitioners.  They have focused on budget engagement and have become the world leaders in this field.

For a long time we have had a product Budget Allocator which has helped cities with participatory budget processes.  It’s been a popular product but one that has struggled to find focus next to our EngagementHQ platform.

While assessing the possibility of investing to upgrade Budget Allocator we recently concluded that our colleagues at Balancing Act with their excellent software and their focus on this aspect of community engagement simply do this better.  

It is our belief that a partnership between Bang the Table and Balancing Act offers our clients the best of both worlds.  The best community engagement platform paired with the best budget engagement software. It will also free up our resources and energy to pursue some other opportunities to enhance online community engagement (watch this space).

Balancing Act already plays well with EngagementHQ.  You can see here in our demo site how it can be integrated into the platform.  In the coming months we will also be looking for other ways to integrate the product.

The partnership gives Bang the Table exclusive license to sell and support Balancing Act in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  We are excited to be bringing this tool to our clients and others in those markets. We will also be referring clients who want to pursue budget engagement in the USA and Canada to Balancing Act where we are confident they will find the right solution and expertise.

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