Using EngagementHQ to Support Small Businesses

Supporting Small Business Using Online Engagement

As federal, state and local governments scramble to support residents, the healthcare industry and others during times of crisis, it can be easy to overlook the needs of small, local businesses that play vital roles in maintaining the fabric and culture of a community. Local governments might actively avoid these supportive conversations, because they are […]

Meghan Ruble

Meghan Ruble

2 months ago

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How Bang the Table + EngagementHQ Can Support in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, it is more critical than ever that communities have a trusted source for factual, up to date information. Below are suggestions to help you harness the power of your EngagementHQ site to keep residents informed, meet misinformation with facts, and facilitate discussions over distance.

Meghan Ruble

Meghan Ruble

3 months ago


How Great Community Engagement Empowers Your Agency

An effective community engagement plan does many crucial things for your agency, including ensuring that your constituents are informed before decisions are made, projects are resilient against derailment or shut down, and plans are guarded against staff and elected official turnover.

Meghan Ruble

Meghan Ruble

6 months ago

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Public Meeting

Inclusive Strategies for Community Engagement – Designing a Better Public Meeting

I spent the last week traveling through Eastern Canada with Bang the Table’s North American Engagement team and our Co-Founder and Impact Lead, Crispin Butteriss, PhD. We got together to share ideas, plan for the future, and hear a series of presentations on Crispin’s emerging ideas and concepts regarding the practice of digital deliberation and digital first […]

Meghan Ruble

Meghan Ruble

2 years ago

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