Benchmarking your performance with EngagementIQ

Have you ever wondered how your organization is performing in its online community engagement activities using EngagementHQ? Do you want to develop benchmarks, track your progress and compare your engagement activities to your peers?

This article explains how our new Site Review and Benchmarking service can help you and your team achieve better online engagement results by taking a deeper look at your digital engagement activities. 

What is a Site Review and Benchmarking Report?

Our EngagementIQ Site Review and Benchmarking Report provides a unique way for organizations to take a deeper look at their online engagement practices. This report brings together insights about key areas of engagement practice to help teams evaluate engagement trends and benchmark against peer organizations and past performance. This service is designed to help organizations develop an overall performance snapshot and get a better understanding of how to improve in the future.

Snapshot of Performance

What is included in a Site Review and Benchmarking Report?

Our Site Review and Benchmarking Report uses your EngagementHQ data and our global benchmarking statistics to bring you insights in the following key areas;

  • Admin engagement and utilization of EngagementHQ
  • Site trends and feature utilization
  • Homepage management and project organization
  • Project publishing trends
  • Site visitor trends and peer analysis with similar organizations
  • Database insights including; the rate of growth and composition of database as well as a peer analysis
  • Project trends including; engagement rates of top projects, all-time top projects analysis, Aware Informed Engaged analysis and engagement tool preferences

As well as providing these core insights our report can also include a custom staff capacity survey and a sample community satisfaction survey to further broaden the scope of your report. This enables you to get the most complete picture of how well you are performing in your use of EngagementHQ, how supported and comfortable your staff feel delivering engagement, and, how your community views your online engagement activities.

Furthermore, our Site Review and Benchmarking Reports are designed to include important observations about your current practice and performance as well as key recommendations about how to improve for the future.

How does a Site Review and Benchmarking process work?

All Site Review and Benchmarking processes start with a scoping session between a key site administrator and one of our Practice Leads. This process is to ensure that we are able to effectively understand the important elements you would like to learn more about and to ensure both parties are up to date on any information which is relevant to the report.

We then use this information along with your EngagementHQ data and our platform metrics, to prepare your report within 10 days (indication only) of the site scoping session. This period of time allows us to compile your custom Site Review and Benchmarking Report in preparation for a final presentation to you and your team.

Benefits of regular Site Review and Benchmarking?

 Some of the benefits of regular Site Review and Benchmarking include;

  • Ability to monitor administrator activity 
  • Ability to track performance over time and look for capacity issues and opportunities for improvement 
  • It provides a tool for developing internal buy-in and support for an engagement program
  • Provides evidence to senior managers and directors about value-for-money and team performance to be used in an annual review
  • Reveals habits and overuse of engagement tools/approach
  • Helps to identify gaps in database profile and strategies to target community and stakeholder segments
  • Better understand how your team are performing and areas in which they need further support
  • Get an annual snapshot of how your community feel about your engagement activities and projects
  • Allows for a peer comparison to better understand how you are performing against other EngagementHQ users with a similar profile; and
  • Draws light on the issues and topics which your community are most interested in

Engagement Rate of Top Projects

How do I get access to a Site Review and Benchmarking Report?

Our Site Review and Benchmarking service is available to all clients on our annual Partner Support package. This package guarantees that every year you will receive a dedicated Site Review and Benchmarking Report to share with your team and senior managers to help you monitor your track your performance. This service is also available as part of our Advisory range of services for clients on our Core Support packages. If you are interested in upgrading to a Partner Support package or purchasing your own Site Review and Benchmarking service, get in touch with your local engagement manager or email us at

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