Closing the loop to maintain an engaged community

Closing the loop on community engagement projects is often ignored as teams move on to the next exciting or urgent project.


  1. Include the feedback process to the project timeline / task list / budget.
  2. Create a process diagram for participants to illustrate the consultation and decision-making process.
  3. Clearly indicate on the site how the consultation feedback will be used to influence the decision.
  4. Provide “thank you” letters back to key stakeholders.
  5. Send “thank you” emails to all online participants.
  6. Create a consultation report summarising the outcomes of the consultation process.
  7. Distribute the report in a variety of forms so that it is accessible to as wide an audience as possible.Create a feedback report listing each of the issues and suggestions raised by the community AND the consulting organisation’s response.
  8. Distribute as above.
  9. Advise participants of the decision-making process henceforth.
  10. Advise participants when a decision has been taken.
  11. Consider preparing a feedback “video” rather than paper report.

Download Tip Sheet here.

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