Complimentary SSL Certificates are now provided with EngagementHQ

We are very pleased to announce complimentary Basic SSL certificates for all EngagementHQ sites.

The safety and security of your EHQ and its data is something we take very seriously and we continue to evolve and improve the safeguards we have in place to ensure they remain best practice.

The good news also extends to current clients that have purchased Standard or Extended Validation SSL certificates from us (issued by Digicert).

We have dramatically streamlined our processes around procurement, installation and maintenance of these licenses and we have decided to pass the savings on for all future contracts and renewals.

This should see your annual SSL costs drop by more than 50%.The best part of this is that you don’t need to do anything to benefit from this change.

Basic SSL certificates will be applied automatically to all sites that do not have a certificate installed and those of you that have paid for SSL certificates will access new pricing at the next renewal of your EngagementHQ contract.

We are sure some of you will have further questions around this announcement and we have put together a few FAQs to address these. As always, please feel free get in touch via if you want to discuss your specific arrangements further.

When will this happen?

We will roll out free SSL certificates to all sites in Australia, New Zealand and the UK beginning 01 December 2017.

This process can last up to three months and we have set a target of 28 February 2018 to have this completed.

For our clients in the USA and Canada, you will receive further communication from your Bang the Table Engagement Manager about the details of this roll-out.

We have a SSL certificate already. How do I know what certificate we currently have?

If you are checking your site before the 01 December, look at your browser bar.

If it says HTTPS, it has a little lock icon or says ‘Secure’, you are using a Standard SSL.

If you are seeing your organisation’s name, you have a EV certificate installed. If you have neither, you currently have no SSL certificate installed.

What’s are the differences between Basic, Standard and Extended Validation SSL certificates?

Basic SSL Certificates are provided by us for free going forward.

The certificates are valid for a maximum of 90 days and are renewed by us automatically. They are issued through ‘Let’s Encrypt’ and are only validated at the domain level.

Standard SSL Certificates are issued by Digicert, arguably the number one SSL provider in the world. Standard certificates are issued only after the purchasing organisation has been authenticated.

Therefore these certificate offer another level of security compared to the basic certificates. Standard SSL certificates are valid for up to two years from the date they are issued.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV) are even further authenticated.

In this case, Digicert will verify the identity of the organisation and a contact within that organisation to make sure the organisation is indeed who they claim to be.

Due to their extended validation, these certificates show the organisation’s name in the browser bar and therefore give your participants reassurance they are communicating with your organisation.

EV SSL certificates are valid for up to two years form the date they are issued.

How do I upgrade my existing certificate or the upcoming free certificate to an EV SSL certificate?

If you don’t see your organisation’s name in your browser when you visit your site, you don’t have an EV certificate. If you prefer an EV certificate over the standard, please get in touch with us and we issue one for you.

Please note that depending on your contract with us and your current level of certificate, there may be additional costs. Upon expiry of your Standard SSL certificate, we will upgrade your certificate to an EV certificate.

Can we get a refund on our current SSL certificate?

No refunds are available for current SSL certificates.

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