Global Community Engagement Day Is All About Influencers

It is finally here! Global Community Engagement Day. We thought we would celebrate by doing a company-wide poll of who Bang the Table employees thought were important influencers in the world of community engagement. Though we couldn’t cover all of them, there were a few that really stood out.

Becky Hirst – Becky is the President of Engage 2 Act and has two decades worth of experience helping people learn how to best engage. She is passionate about what she does and enjoys the challenge that comes with community engagement. She is a highly regarded community engagement influencer and we look forward to seeing her continued work with communities, teaching best practices, and changing the way people engage.

Kathy Jones – Kathy Jones is the Founder of KJA, a company who does consulting with senior management teams to assist with crises and policy change. Kathy has helped strategize and solve major issues for some of the nation’s major transport and infrastructure projects. She continues to be a major influencer for those in the transport, planning and development sectors.

Amy Hubbard – Amy is a Cofounder of Capire Consulting Group, a company specialist community engagement company. Her work in infrastructure, urban renewal and public policy projects is well recognized across Australia. She is influencing the way people assess community engagement and is a highly recognized trainer and facilitator.

Lucy Cole Edelstien – Lucy is a recognized industry leader, facilitator and engagement practitioner. She is best known for helping to problem solve when it comes to contentious issues and makes sure that everyone has a voice and is heard. She has won several IAP2 awards and continues to be a leading example in her field.

Vivien Twyford – Vivien Twyford is a well-known author and is best known for her book Beyond Public Meetings; Connecting Community Engagement With Decision Making. The book assists organizations in discovering “why and how communities can be engaged to make better decisions.”

Suzanne Haas Lyons – Suzanne is a well known public engagement specialist who is a leader in the public participation arena. She has 12+ years of international experience facilitating, training and strategizing to better connect decision makers with the community.

Ashley Trim – is an Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. She is a writer and speaker and delivers on topics concerning public participation and the engagement of local government with the community. She is an important influencer in the industry and is bettering the communication between government and the community.

Jane Jacobs – Jane Jacobs was a major influencer when it came to community engagement. She was a community organizer, journalist, and author based in Greenwich Village, NY. She was an ordinary citizen, and showed that with grit and passion, you can empower your neighbors to make a positive change in the community regardless of your professional background. Her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, has greatly influenced urban planning. On top of being a great author, she successfully brought the community together to oppose the destructive plans laid by urban planner Robert Moses, which would have leveled New York’s iconic Greenwich Village neighborhood. She spoke out against the dangers of ‘urban renewal’ and challenged urban planners to engage their communities before making important decisions.

Peter Kageyama: Peter Kageyama is an author and is most recognized for his book For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places. Pete is a highly sought after community engagement consultant and strategist and does speaking engagements all over the world. He is passionate about making change happen when it comes to urban planning and development.

Ginny Sawyer – Ginny is a favorite for our US team. She is a project Project Manager in the City Manager’s Office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ginny’s career has been devoted to building relationships in the community and bridging the gap between community and government. She does it all with kindness and humility. Her work shows clear love and appreciation for the City and community of Fort Collins.

Anthea Robinson-Shaw is a Client Relations Manager at Bang the Table. She is responsible for ensuring that all of the Canadian territory clients have the best approach to engage there community. She always put the client first and is a big influencer in the community and to her coworkers. She is actively involved in the IAP2 and has a passion for working with people.

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