Bluehaven for Project Administrators

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As we’re fast approaching the official roll-out of the new Bluehaven interface, it’s time to get your Project Administrator’s up to speed. For those managing projects on the new interface, we’re happy to report that Bluehaven will actually simplify your project creation experience in a few ways. 

How the project creation experience is changing:

  1. The flow of how you create projects now happens directly on the project page, allowing you to see how the page looks as you build it.
  2. You will now add, edit and manage your feedback tools directly from the project page, eliminating multiple clicks in the process.
  3. Listening widgets can now be added directly from the project page, allowing you to easily update and manage content with less clicks.

Efficiency for administrators is at the heart of this new interface. Bluehaven was designed to remove friction from your workflow and help you build customized project pages with greater ease.

To help visualize these changes, double click a video below to see these new workflows in action.

Project Management

The new project creator makes adding, organizing, and editing tools and widgets more centralized, visual, and intuitive for project admins. Experienced project administrators will gain efficiency; new project admins will find the platform easier to learn and manage.

Creating and Editing Surveys 

The first steps toward creating a new tool or widget has become more guided.

The tool functionality has not changed (yet). Within Bluehaven you will have access to the new survey builder, easy project sharing for approvals, plus new features like transparent surveys and demographic filtering.

Full Project Creation Walkthrough 

As you see, your first steps to create a new tool or widget are guided within the interface to help you understand all of the features and capability available in EngagementHQ.

We’ll be running a series of project admin training webinars over the coming month, pick a day and join us to review the new platform.

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