Case Study: City of Aspen Using EngagementHQ to Build Community

The City of Aspen (population around 6,000) started engaging their community online using Bang the Table in June 2016. Mitzi Rapkin, Community Relations Director explained that their aim is to connect directly with more of the community:

“To us it is significant even if we reach just one additional person by including online engagement….. We were thrilled with the numbers getting informed and my hope is that as people get used to  they will keep coming and tell others to join in.”

Over 1,000 people have now been informed by the site which now has a growing database of participants giving the City feedback and asking questions.

Aspen has seen participation in the site gradually grow as more subjects are discussed and as awareness spreads. The City recently launched new projects addressing a range of issues including climate action and waste, and is planning to launch additional projects on compost and recycling.

Mitzi reports that:

“We are seeing significant interest from our other departments to include online engagement in their community engagement process. Now they consider it an essential tool as part of their engagement techniques.”

When asked about her experience using EngagementHQ Mitzi highlighted the ability to make great looking sites, she highlighted the choice of engagement tools and commented:

“I think it has been so amazing to use EHQ. Bang the Table is so ready to help at any minute and they try to help make us better…….”

Visit the City of Aspen engagement page to learn more

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