Closing the Loop – Use the Newsfeed!

The most important part of any community engagement activity is demonstrating to the community that their views have been heard and showing progress towards a decision.

Closing the loop is a simple practice which is essential for building trust with your stakeholders. It shows transparency in your decision making and ensures that the community feel validated for taking the time to provide input in your consultation.

As a best-practice method, closing the loop makes your engagement activities more robust and genuine and can help to drive interaction and engagement with your projects.

Closing the loop with EngagementHQ’s Newsfeed tool

The simplest way to close-the-loop with your community using EngagementHQ is to take advantage of the dedicated news feed tool as a central repository of project updates and outcomes.

Within EngagementHQ, every project has access to a dedicated project news feed, which allows project managers to regularly update the community on their consultation progress.

The news feed is the perfect place to provide updates on the feedback heard so far. When used effectively and regularly, it provides an impactful way to close the loop with your community.

Use the news feed tool to close the loop with your community in the following ways;

  1. Provide fortnightly updates on the progress of your consultation, including details on who you’ve engaged and what they’ve said. Ensure you use EHQ’s newsletter tool to send updates to relevant stakeholders.
  2. Embed a project report in your news feed article. Use EHQ’s integrated reporting to copy and past in relevant charts from your report to help highlight the progress.
  3. Embed a live project report into a news article using our API to connect to your project data. Use BI tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau or Google Data Studio to create custom project reports that can be embedded into your feed.
  4. Provide an interactive end-of-project report which highlights key themes, sentiment and measures participants responses to key consultation questions. This helps to support transparency in decision making as participants will be allowed to explore the data on their own.
  5. Create an infographic template which can be used to highlight your project outcomes so far and post it in your news feed articles. Creating a regular infographic is a simple yet effective way to update community on the progress of a consultation. Use a conversation summary template similar to the example below.
  6. Highlight key conversations by pulling out key comments from your consultation.
  7. Embed regular video updates from key project managers in your news feed tool.

By using the news feed as your central repository for updates and deploying some of the closing the loop techniques above, your community will feel more validated for their time and effort in providing you with feedback and become familiar with the news feed as a place to go to for updates.

Use this central feed on all your projects and combine your closing the loop practices with the newsletter tool in order to drive traffic back to your project updates.

If you’d like additional support designing a closing the loop practice, including help developing interactive reports and dashboards, qualitative and sentiment analysis, using alternate communications channels such as SMS feedback or design of custom newsletter templates,  Bang the Table’s Engagement IQ Services can help. For more information contact your local engagement manager or send an email to

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