Codified survey results downloadable in MS Excel spreadsheets

EngagementHQ now allows you to extract data from your surveys in a codified (and simplified) Excel sheet. This is a feature that has been requested by many administrators who do their own survey analysis in Excel and SPSS (or similar tools) and don’t rely on EHQ’s automatically generated graphs.

Where is it?

The codified Excel file can be found in a fourth box under ‘Detailed Report’.

What is codified data?

Codified data assigns values to each responses option in any of these question types:

  • Radio Buttons
  • Dropdown
  • Likert
  • Ranking
  • Checkbox

For example, a question about EHQ layouts with our four current options would be codified like this:

But not only that, it further provides these values for each response option in separate columns. What that all means is that the analysis of your quantitative data should become much easier.

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